Tone & Tighten

I designed this blog for Jared the Physical Therapist/expert/writer at the blog Tone & Tighten. It was fun to do a non-girl design for a change, and I love how it turned out. For awesome work-out, diet, and health tips, read Tone & Tighten!

The How To Crew

Did this design for cute little family over at the How To Crew. How cute are they? I loved working with the "project" theme to come up with the wood background and blueprint font in the header. For some great project, DIYs, and other good around-the-house tips, check out the How To Crew.


The Morning Runner

I loved doing this design for Stacie and Kirsten over at the Morning Runner. The color scheme is one of my favorites I have worked with in a long time, and I love how every came together. This blog has some amazing tips for runners of any skill level, so check them out here!


The Model Cachet

Here is a simple design I did for the up-and-coming style blogger Britnee over at the Model Cachet. Check her out!


Cupcake Castles Travel Company

I loved doing this blog design for Cupcake Castles Travel Company. Their color scheme and logo (which they already had on their website) was so fun to work with. Check out their blog here.

Threads & Scraps

Here is a cute little blog revamp I did for Joy over at Threads & Scraps. We cleaned up her design and made her a new header, and I love how it turned out. Check out her blog here.


White House on the Prairie

Here is a design a did for the darling Roganne at White House on the Prairie, a blog about a cute little family and their life on a farm. Read more here